Professor teaching two chemistry students at white board

Building Faculty Excellence

Over its history, Rutgers has attracted outstanding scholars, many of whom have brought special distinction through their research and discoveries. But the best universities must constantly renew and build the excellence of their faculty.

Rutgers has made significant progress in this regard. An influx of newly endowed chairs in critical disciplines has brought Rutgers a world-class cohort of senior and mid-career scholars. Long-awaited facilities for chemistry, life sciences, nursing, engineering, and nutritional sciences have been constructed to replace outdated buildings. And more than $50 million is being invested to strengthen Rutgers’ prominence in the humanities and commitment to faculty diversity and mentoring.

Attracting and Retaining Top Faculty

Since 2013, externally endowed professorships at Rutgers have increased from 41 to 89, while 30 additional internally funded professorships help recruit and retain preeminent senior scholars and outstanding mid-career faculty.

A $42 million Investment in Faculty Diversity

Rutgers is investing $42 million in presidential strategic funds to recruit, retain, and mentor diverse faculty, in a program that will run until June 2024.

Prominence in the Humanities

A five-year $10 million plan supports strategies to ensure that the humanities retain their traditional strength as Rutgers grows.

Research Productivity and Distinction

The growing strength of Rutgers research is reflected in research and development expenditures that rose by more than $200 million in five years.

Commitment to Teaching and Mentoring

Rutgers has implemented a new teaching evaluation system that relies on student surveys, peer observations, and course material review, and also developed career tracks for non-tenure-track faculty and part-time lecturers.