record breaking fundraising year text with a large group of students cheering

Building a Foundation for Success

Rutgers seeks to be known for brilliant faculty, a robust and rewarding student experience, life-changing research and clinical care, and service and expertise that benefit society. These ambitions depend on a firm foundation of excellence in day-to-day operations.

Rutgers made substantial investments to strengthen and overhaul our financial and administrative systems, boost annual fundraising, and enhance our partnership with state and federal leaders. Just as important, we committed ourselves to a culture of service and support, high standards of integrity, and rigorous assessment of our progress.

Data-Driven Management

Rutgers uses state-of-the-art information technology to collect and analyze data with the goal of measuring the performance of schools, administrative units, and the university overall.

Stronger Financial Position

Through a number of strategies and initiatives—including record-breaking fundraising—Rutgers improved its financial position in the past five years through 2019.

Managing Our Reputation

A new enterprise risk management system identifies and analyzes risks to Rutgers’ reputation and oversees compliance with regulatory and policy requirements.

Overhauled Administrative Systems

Rutgers has made tremendous strides in overhauling its administrative systems, making the University a better place in which to learn, work, do research, and conduct business.