Empire State building lit up in red for Rutgers 250 Anniversary

Enhancing Our Public Prominence

It is not enough to be excellent; gaining recognition for that excellence is critical, as it opens myriad opportunities—from recruiting the best students and scholars to winning research grants to securing major gifts from foundations and donors.

Over the course of Dr. Barchi's presidency, Rutgers made the most of timely milestones, including its 250th anniversary and entry into the Big Ten, to make important gains in national rankings, market in and beyond the state, and take our rightful place among the outstanding institutions of the Big Ten.

Rutgers 250

Our yearlong commemoration of Rutgers' 250th anniversary built pride and generated more than 14,000 favorable news stories worldwide.

Reputational Gains

Rutgers experienced a rise in national rankings for its three universities and for other units, including the nursing, law, and business schools.

Helping Shape National Policy Discussions

Rutgers contributed to public policy discussions on a range of topics, from immigration to free speech.

Students Competing on THe National Stage

Rutgers students won prestigious competitions and highly competitive scholarships, further raising the University’s national profile.

Rightful Place in the Big Ten

Rutgers University–New Brunswick began competing in the powerhouse Big Ten in 2014, a welcome challenge that began to yield glory and a greater national spotlight on Rutgers.

Partner with the state

Rutgers continued to build on its reputation as a generator of economic growth for the Garden State and as New Jersey's trusted resource across political party lines.