Henry Rutgers University Professorships and Term Chairs

One of the initiatives announced by President Barchi as part of the implementation of the University Strategic Plan is the establishment of two initial groups of chairs created from central administration resources to assist in faculty recruitment and retention: Henry Rutgers University Professorships and Henry Rutgers Term Chairs. Proposals for recruitment areas for these chairs were solicited in spring 2014 and were selected after evaluation and prioritization by Executive Vice President Richard L. Edwards and the chancellors of Rutgers University—Newark, Rutgers University—Camden, and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences. 

Henry Rutgers University Professorships, which will initially number five, will be used to recruit, or in some cases retain, preeminent senior scholars to the Rutgers faculty. Priority for appointments will be given to areas and disciplines that align with the goals of the strategic plan, and that fall within the areas covered by the plan’s Integrating Themes. Ideally, the interests of the proposed recruitment will span several disciplines and/or schools. As resources become available, the goal is to create a total of 30 Henry Rutgers University Professorships over the next five years.

Recruitment areas for these initial Henry Rutgers Professorships include:

  • Arts and humanities
  • Earth, marine and coastal, and atmospheric sciences
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Big Data
  • Bioethics

Henry Rutgers Term Chairs, which also will initially number five, will be used to recruit and retain outstanding faculty who are entering the middle phase of their careers, and will be targeted at newly tenured or comparably positioned individuals of equivalent stature with high potential for future development. Again, as resources are identified, the plan is to expand to 25 Henry Rutgers Term Chairs over the next five years.

Recruitment areas for these initial Henry Rutgers Term Chairs, some of which overlap the professorships for strategic purposes, include:

  • Big Data
  • Ethics and Bioethics
  • Global Health
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Hispanic and Latino/a Studies

Greater detail on each of these recruitment areas and a brief description of the search process are provided in Executive Vice President Edwards’ June 2014 message to the community