Implementing the Plan

The completion of a University Strategic Plan is, in many respects, only the beginning of the university's work. The next stages include the development of campus plans and of the University Physical Master Plan, as well as implementation of many initiatives by the central administration and other Rutgers offices and units. 

In February, President Barchi announced a number of initiatives outlined in the plan to take the first important steps toward implementation. These nine initiatives include the formation of a universitywide committee on the near- and long-term impact of educational technology on Rutgers and a senior faculty committee on the optimal organization of academic units within Rutgers, as well as new scholarships, fellowships, and endowed professorships and term chairs designed to recruite outstanding undergraduate and graduate students and world-class faculty members to the university.

In a broader sense, President Barchi is calling on members of the Rutgers community to study the universitywide plan, evaluate the activities within their own area, and set priorities consistent with the plan.