Overhauled Administrative Systems

In implementing the strategic plan and integrating most units of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) into Rutgers, we committed to creating strong new systems across the enterprise—from student services to procurement to payroll to grants administration—that would make Rutgers a better place in which to learn, work, do research, and conduct business.

Rutgers made tremendous strides in overhauling its administrative systems—procedurally and in the technological tools it uses.

  • Migrated 200 separate email systems to one cloud-based, more secure, and more functional system
  • Replaced two outdated general ledgers with a single integrated system connected to new, centralized grants accounting
  • Established a new procurement tool that enables strategic sourcing
  • Merged Rutgers and UMDNJ payroll and human resources into a better, unified system
  • Replaced a complex paper-based expense management process with an online system that has cut reimbursement time from 45 days to three or four

Chart of improved financial management, grants accounting, procurement, human resources, payroll, reimbursement, and email systems.