Strategic Planning Committees: Foundational Elements

Strong Core of Sciences and Humanities | Inclusive, Diverse, and Cohesive Culture | Effective and Efficient Infrastructure and Staff | Financial Resources Sufficient to Fund Our Aspirations

Pillar Diagram

Strong Core of Sciences and Humanities


September 26; 1–3 p.m.
October 3; 2–4 p.m.


Chancellor Wendell Pritchett, Staff, Camden—Lead
Jan Lewis, Faculty, Newark, FASN—Lead

Joseph Martin, Faculty, Camden, FASC
Robert Boikess, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Martha Haviland, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Calvin Yu, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Eva Andrei, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Francois Cornilliat, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
James Jones, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Kurt Spellmeyer, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Naftaly Minsky, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Richard V. Simmons, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Rick Falk, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Roger Jones, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Sigrid McAfee, Faculty, New Brunswick, Engineering
Simon Thomas, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Thomas Izbicki, Faculty, New Brunswick, Libraries
Tia Kolbaba, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Michael Haibach, Student, New Brunswick, SEBS
Samuel Berman, Student, New Brunswick, SAS
Edward Bonder, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Ira Cohen, Faculty, Newark, FASN
John Keene, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Kenneth Reuhl, Faculty, RBHS, Pharmacy
Paul Jargowsky, Faculty, Camden, Graduate School–Camden
Ellen Malenas Ledoux, Faculty, Camden, FASC
Siobhan Corbett, Faculty, RBHS, RWJMS

Inclusive, Diverse, and Cohesive Culture


October 1; 10 a.m.–12 p.m.
October 7; 10 a.m.–12 p.m.
October 23; 11 a.m.–1 p.m.


Jorge Schement, Staff, Central, Institutional Diversity—Lead
Allan Isaac, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS—Lead

Sam Rabinowitz, Faculty, Camden, School of Business
Delia Pitts, Staff, Central, Student Affairs
Cynthia Daniels, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Ron Quincy, Faculty, New Brunswick, Social Work
Diana Sanchez, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Gideon Thompson, Faculty, New Brunswick, Libraries
Karen Thompson, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Lea Stewart, Faculty, New Brunswick, School of Communication and Information
Allan Isaac, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Jeff Longhofer, Faculty, New Brunswick, School of Social Work
Joan Bennett, Faculty, New Brunswick, SEBS
Akiva Weiss, Staff, New Brunswick
Hema Patel, Staff, New Brunswick, SAS
Sandra Rocio Castro, Staff, New Brunswick
Sam Berman, Student, New Brunswick, SAS
Rigoberto Gonzalez, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Marie Chevrier, Faculty, Camden, Graduate School–Camden
James Davy, Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Newark, SPAA
Sunita Kramer, Faculty, RBHS, RWJMS
Bill Welsh, Staff, New Brunswick, SAS
Natalie Batmanian, Staff, New Brunswick

Effective and Efficient Infrastructure and Staff


September 23; 2–4 p.m.
October 17; 3–5 p.m.
October 29; 1–3 p.m.


Bruce Fehn, Staff, Central, Adminstration—Lead
Don Smith, Staff, Central, Information Technology—Lead

Rosemary Lane, Staff, New Brunswick, GAIA Centers
Sarah Kozak, Staff, Central, Eagleton Institute of Politics
Jill Sinha, Faculty, Camden, School of Social Work
Paul Johnson, Staff, Central, Enrollment
Tony Calcado, Staff, Central, Facilities & Capital Planning
Vivian Fernandez, Staff, Central, Faculty & Staff Resources
Adrienne Eaton, Faculty, New Brunswick, SMLR
Eileen Murphy, Faculty, RBHS, Pharmacy
Fernando Muzzio, Faculty, New Brunswick, Engineering
Jenny Carleo, Faculty, New Brunswick, SEBS
Kevin Crouse, Faculty, New Brunswick, Graduate School of Education
Martha Cotter, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Michael Muller, Faculty, New Brunswick, Engineering
Mimi Phan, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Tony Kong, Faculty, RBHS, Pharmacy
Dorothea Berkhout, Staff, New Brunswick, Bloustein
Carol Harvey, Staff, New Brunswick, SEBS
Paul Elwood, Staff, New Brunswick, SEBS
Prentice Bisbal, Staff, New Brunswick, Office of Economic Development
Sunita Jagtiani, Staff, New Brunswick, SAS
Aditya Singh, Student, New Brunswick
James Tepper, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Minglu Wang, Faculty, Newark, Libraries
Janice Friedland, Staff, Newark, Chancellor's Office
Sallie Kasper, Staff, Newark, FASN
Drew Humphries, Faculty, Camden, FASC
Sunita Kramer, Faculty, RBHS, RWJMS
Andrea West, Staff, RBHS, SDM
Anne Mosenthal, Faculty, RBHS, NJMS
Karen Shapiro, Staff, RBHS, CINJ
Michael Petti, Staff, RBHS, NJMS 
David Roe, Staff, RBHS, NJMS
Rhonda McCathern, Staff, RBHS, RWJMS
Sylvia Pena, Staff, RBHS, SHRP

Financial Resources Sufficient to Fund Our Aspirations


September 24; 2–4 p.m.
October 15; 3–5 p.m.
October 28; 2–4 p.m.


Nancy Winterbauer, Staff, Central, University Budgeting—Lead
George Stauffer, Faculty, New Brunswick, Mason Gross School of the Arts—Lead

Kriste Lindenmeyer, Faculty, Camden, FASC
Larry Gaines, Staff, Camden, Chancellor's Office
Eileen Kowler, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS; Graduate School–NB
Jackie Litt, Faculty, New Brunswick, Douglass Residential College
David Hughes, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Jerome Kukor, Faculty, New Brunswick, Graduate School–NB
Konstantin Mischaikow, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Mark Wasserman, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Sheila Thimba, Staff, New Brunswick, SAS
Menahem Spiegel, Faculty, Newark, RBS
Leland McGee, Faculty, Newark, SPAA
Penny Venetis, Faculty, Newark, Law School
Kemel Dawkins, Staff, Newark
August Pellegrini, Assistant, RBHS, School of Dental Medicine
Dale Rogers, Faculty, RBS
Al Tallia, Faculty, RBHS, RWJMS
Archana Pradhan, Faculty, RBHS, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Services