Strategic Planning Committees: Strategic Priorities

Envision Tomorrow's University | Build Faculty Excellence | Transform the Student Experience | Enhance Our Public Prominence

Pillar Diagram

Envision Tomorrow's University


September 30; 10 a.m.–Noon
October 23; 10 a.m.–Noon
October 28; 10 a.m.– Noon


Joachim Kohn, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS—Lead
Cheryl Wall, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS—Lead 

Bozena Michniak-Kohn, Faculty, RBHS, Pharmacy
Cara Cuite, Faculty, New Brunswick, SEBS
Chengwen Wang, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Chris Groff, Faculty, New Brunswick, School of Communication and Information
Cristine Delnevo, Faculty, RBHS, Public Heath
Donna Thornton, Staff, Central
Edmund Lattime, Faculty, RBHS, CINJ; RWJMS
Florence Hamrick, Faculty, New Brunswick, Graduate School of Education
Grigore Burdea, Faculty, New Brunswick, Engineering
Ira Jaskoll, Faculty, Newark, RBS
Joe Barone, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Kathleen Scotto, Faculty, RBHS, CINJ
Kristen Zgoba, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Lori Covey, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
David Margolis, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Martin Kesselman, Faculty, New Brunswick, Libraries
Mary Curran, Faculty, New Brunswick, Graduate School of Education
Matt McQuillan, Faculty, RBHS, SHRP
Melanie Hoffman, Faculty, New Brunswick, Social Work
Michael Toscani, Faculty, RBHS, Pharmacy
Mitchel Rosen, Faculty, RBHS, Public Heath
Nabil Adam, Faculty, Newark, RBS
Patrice Mareschal, Faculty, Camden, FASC
Paul Boxer, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Peggy Brennan, Staff, Central
Pete McDonough, Staff, Central, External Affairs
Rebecca Wright, Faculty, New Brunswick, DIMACS
Carolyn Williams, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Mia Bay, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Wise Young, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Fran Mascia Lees, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Andrew Baker, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Dimitris Metaxas, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Stuart Deutsch, Faculty, Newark, Law School
Yakov Epstein, Faculty, New Brunswick
Yook-Kong Yong, Faculty, New Brunswick, Engineering
Zoltan Szekely, Faculty, RBHS, Pharmacy
Richard Harris, Faculty, Camden, FASC
Tony Forrester, Faculty, RBHS, School of Nursing
James Masschaele, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Miklos Vasarhelyi, Faculty, Newark, RBS
Chris Molloy, Staff, RBHS, Academic Affairs
Carol Goldin, Staff, RBHS, Pharmacy
Gloria Bachmann, Faculty, RBHS, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Services

Build Faculty Excellence


September 26; 2:30–4:30 p.m.
October 21; 1–3 p.m.
October 30; 10 a.m.–Noon


EVP Richard L. Edwards, Staff, Central—Lead
Margaret Marsh, Faculty, Camden/New Brunswick—Lead

Babu Dasari, Camden, Faculty, FASC
Ira Roseman, Camden, Faculty, FASC
Janice Beitz, Camden, Faculty, College of Nursing
JT Barbarese, Camden, Faculty, FASC
Lesley Morrow, New Brunswick, Faculty, Graduate School of Education
Andrew Murphy, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Dunbar Birnie, New Brunswick, Faculty, Engineering
Anita Franzione, New Brunswick, Faculty, Bloustein
Bonnie Firestein, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Dan Nemzer, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Deborah Silver, New Brunswick, Faculty, Graduate School-NB
Jennifer Gibbs, New Brunswick, Faculty, School of Communication and Information
John McGann, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Leslie Fishbein, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Lisa Carbone, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Marianthi Ierapetritou, New Brunswick, Faculty, Engineering
Melike Baykal-Gursoy, New Brunswick, Faculty, Engineering
Michael McKeon, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Rhonda Marker, New Brunswick, Faculty, Libraries
Robert Tate, New Brunswick, Faculty, SEBS
Robin Davis, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Serena Connolly, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Suzanne Brahmia, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
William Steiger, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Wilma Olson, New Brunswick, Faculty, SAS
Carlos Seiglie, Newark, Faculty, FASN
Dennis Kim-Prieto, Newark, Faculty, Libraries
George Thomas, Newark, Faculty, Law School
Todd Clear, Newark, Faculty, SCJ
Divij Pandya, Newark, Student, FASN
Jeff Friedman, New Brunswick, Faculty, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Piotr Piotrowiak, Newark, Faculty, FASN
Wayne Eastman, Newark, Faculty, RBS
Cheryl Holly, RBHS, Faculty, School of Nursing
Arnold Rabson, Faculty, RBHS, Child Health Institute

Transform the Student Experience


October 1; 3–5 p.m.
October 16; 2–4 p.m.
October 29; 3–5 p.m.


Felicia McGinty, Staff, New Brunswick, Student Affairs—Lead
Matt Matsuda, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS—Lead

Lynne Borucki, Faculty, Camden, College of Nursing
William FitzGerald, Faculty, Camden, FASC
Mary Beth Daisey, Staff, Camden
Courtney McAnuff, Staff, Central, Enrollment
Joan Carbone, Staff, Central, Residence Life
Marianne Gaunt, Faculty, Central, Libraries
Natalie Borisovets, Faculty, Central, Libraries
Karen Stubaus, Staff, Central, Academic Affairs
Ann Coiro, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Anne Newman, Faculty, New Brunswick, Division of Student Affairs
Carla Yanni, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
David Wilder, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Jenny Mandelbaum, Faculty, New Brunswick, School of Communication and Information
Rachel Pereira, Faculty, New Brunswick, Graduate School of Education
Richard Ludescher, Faculty, New Brunswick, SEBS
Robert Scott, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Tara Matise, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Thomas V. Papathomas, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Elizabeth O'Connell-Ganges, Staff, New Brunswick, Student Life
Giorgio DiMauro, Staff, New Brunswick, Global Education
Diane Bonanno, Staff, New Brunswick, Student Affairs
Dallas Grundy, Staff, New Brunswick, Graduate School of Education
Deborah Epting, Staff, New Brunswick, Admissions
Michael Guggenheim, Staff, New Brunswick
Stacey Artman, Staff, New Brunswick, Learning Resource Center
Tani Castaneda, Staff, New Brunswick, Admissions
Matthew Brazza, Student, New Brunswick, Engineering
Katherine Yabut, Student, New Brunswick, SAS
Jake Esformes, Student, New Brunswick
Kevin Sullivan, Student, New Brunswick, SAS
Peter Canavan, Student, New Brunswick, SEBS
Gerald Massenburg, Staff, Newark, Chancellor's Office
Gretchen Van de Walle, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Riva Touger-Decker, Faculty, RBHS, SHRP
Robin Eubanks, Faculty, RBHS, SHRP
Jeanette DeCastro, Assistant Dean, RBHS, School of Dental Medicine
Denis Hamilton, Instructor, Both, RBS
Alex Settles, Instructor, Newark, RBS
Freda Zackin, Faculty, RBHS, SAS
John Gaviola, Student, Camden, FASC
Brigette Forte, Student, Camden, FASC
Sharon Vaz, Student, RBHS, RWJMS
Blake Schicker, Student, RBHS, SHRP
Malay Naik, Student, RBHS, Pharmacy
Camille Bocker, Student, RBHS, College of Nursing
Gabriella Spinella, Student, Newark, FASN
Benjamin Lioue, Student, Newark, RBS

Enhance Our Public Prominence


September 20; 2–5 p.m.
October 14; 2–5 p.m.


Jai Ganesh, Faculty, Camden, School of BusinessLead
Kim Manning,
Staff, Central, University Communciations and Marketing—Lead

Briance Mascarenhas, Faculty, Camden, School of Business
Tara Parvey, Faculty, Camden, Law School
Karyn Malinowski, Faculty, New Brunswick, SEBS
Ann Gould, Faculty, New Brunswick, SEBS
Ben Sopranzetti, Faculty, New Brunswick, RBS
Craig Scott, Faculty, New Brunswick, School of Communication and Information
Deborah Shuford, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Manus Midlarsky, Faculty, New Brunswick, SAS
Marie Radford, Faculty, New Brunswick, School of Communication and Information
Andrew Elwell, Staff, New Brunswick, GAIA Centers
Beth DeMauro, Staff, New Brunswick, Strategic Communications
Pam Blake, Staff, New Brunswick, Strategic Communications
Devinn Lambert, Student, New Brunswick
Joe Cashin, Student, New Brunswick
Robert Puhak, Faculty, Newark, FASN
Norma Riccucci, Faculty, Newark, SPAA
Marc Holzer, Dean, Newark, SPAA