University Strategic Plan 100 Days Initiatives - Integrating Themes Academic Courses

June 22, 2015

Members of the University Community:

As you know, one of the initiatives announced by President Barchi as part of the implementation of the University Strategic Plan was the creation of University-wide courses in the areas of our integrating themes:

  • Cultures, Diversity, and Inequality- Local and Global
  • Improving the Health and Wellness of Individuals and Populations
  • Creating a Sustainable World through Innovation, Engineering, and Technology
  • Educating Involved Citizens and Effective Leaders for a Dynamic World
  • Creative Expression and the Human Experience

We received many interesting and worthwhile proposals, and I thank the faculty who took the time to submit them. Based upon the recommendation of a screening committee, I am pleased to announce the selection of the course proposal, Design Thinking Approach to Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This proposal was submitted by Dr. Richard Mammone, Rutgers Business School; Dr. Albert Ayeni, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences; Dr. Dunbar Birnie, School of Engineering; Dr. Matt Matsuda, Honors College Rutgers-New Brunswick; and Dr. Jeffery Robinson, Rutgers Business School. This undergraduate course will be offered to first- and second-year students in the Spring of 2016 and will examine the theory and practice of promoting and managing innovation in start-ups and existing firms.

A Call for Proposals for a course to be offered during the 2017-2018 academic year will be sent out to the Rutgers community in the Fall of 2015 by the incoming Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Barbara A. Lee. Proposals will be vetted by a committee of faculty representative of the Rutgers community.

I thank you for your continued involvement in implementing the 100 Days Initiatives of the University’s Strategic Plan.

Richard L. Edwards
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and
Chancellor, Rutgers University–New Brunswick