Technology-Enabled Learning

Students in a high tech classroom

Technology is increasingly integral to academic life, and the University invested in new solutions to ensure that technology helps students navigate their Rutgers careers.

Active Learning: Rutgers University–New Brunswick developed active learning classrooms and lecture halls in the Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering, the Rutgers Academic Building, Tillett Hall, and the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Building. These spaces employ new technology and room architecture to foster student engagement and collaboration. For example, the instructor and students can project images from their laptop, phone, or tablet to screens that can be viewed by the entire class.

Professor Teaching a Class in a Telepresence Classroom

Telepresence Classrooms: Introduced in 2017, telepresence technology makes it possible for one professor to teach a course in two separate classrooms—one on the Busch Campus, the other on Douglass Campus—with students choosing the location most convenient to them (and avoiding bus travel). The classrooms’ immersive video technology makes it feel as if they’re all in the same room.

A similar technology is employed by Rutgers Law School, enabling courses to be offered simultaneously at Rutgers University–Camden and Rutgers University–Newark and increasing the number of courses available to law students in both locations.