Professor teaching a class in an active learning classroom

Transforming the Student Experience

Great universities provide support and infrastructure that help students focus on academic success, earn a degree, and become engaged alumni. High student satisfaction can drive admissions, attract top scholars, and produce alumni donors who help Rutgers reach ever-higher ambitions.

Today’s Rutgers students enjoy new personalized learning environments and improved academic and administrative services. New financial aid programs and an institutional determination to minimize tuition increases help keep Rutgers affordable for New Jersey families. At Rutgers University–New Brunswick, Rutgers began reducing travel time and easing congestion on University buses.

Outstanding Honors Colleges

Rutgers began recruiting and engaging greater numbers of top-performing students by creating or expanding honors colleges at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, Rutgers University–Newark, and Rutgers University–Camden.

​Access and Opportunity

By holding down tuition increases and offering new financial assistance programs, the University advanced efforts to keep a Rutgers degree affordable and obtainable for New Jersey families.

Making it Easier to Be a Student

Rutgers improved the way students interact with administrative offices for enrollment, financial aid, student accounting, and registration.

Technology-enabled Learning

With technology increasingly integral to academic life, the University made efforts to ensure that new technology in the classroom helps students navigate their Rutgers careers.

Student Spaces

Because the student experience also involves what happens beyond classrooms and labs, Rutgers completed or planned important construction projects to enhance student life across the University.